Illinois Alarm Issues

The IESA is protecting the interests of the licensed alarm contractors

The IESA is an active trade association that works to protect the interests of the licensed alarm contractors at the local, state and national level. Like every industry, alarm contractors face issues that impact their businesses. The mission of the IESA is to be an industry advocate to help create an environment that is beneficial to public safety, as well as its members’ business interests.


Position on Monitoring

IESA believes:

  1. Consumers have the right to choose any alarm contractor properly licensed in the State of Illinois to provide alarm installation, service and monitoring, with pricing established by an open, competitive market.
  2. Alarm contractors have the right to choose any remote monitoring station that is properly licensed in the State of Illinois to provide third party monitoring services, with pricing established by an open, competitive market.
  3. In promoting alarm monitoring technologies that provide automatic dissemination and sharing of information with dispatch centers and fire departments.

Adopted 04/27/2017


Contractor Registration Fees & Surety Bonds

Licensed alarm contractors should understand that the attempt to collect registration/license fees or require bonds is unlawful under the Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint Vendor, and Locksmith Act of 2004, 225 ILCS 447/5 et seq. (the &”Act”).

The Act contains a Home Rule provision that unambiguously gives the State of Illinois exclusive authority to regulate the practice of private alarm contractors to the exclusion of all other home rule units.

When the IESA learns of a community with requirements for fees or bonds, we send a letter drafted by IESA attorney Edward Williams that outlines our position. After those communities’ decision-makers received a letter from the IESA that spells out the strong legal standing of our position, almost all have readily agreed to change their local practices to be in compliance with the law.

A special “thank you” should be given to the dozens of alarm contractors who have informed us of communities that are taking a hard-line approach to collect revenue from your pocket. (Please continue to let us know!)


Peddler’s Fees

Based on the same home-rule exemption, the IESA is also taking the position that communities CANNOT require alarm contractors to submit to local regulation for marketing their services within a community.  Specifically, the IESA now opposes regulations regarding peddlers’ fees. Those too are a form of regulation.

Based on the definition of a “private alarm contractor,” a licensee who “offers (or) purports to have the capacity to undertake” alarm work is the equivalent of “marketing” your services as a licensed alarm contractor.

As such, should you ever encounter code officials or other municipal leaders who claim you must comply with their illegal requirements, please contact the IESA immediately with the names of those officials.

The IESA will intervene on your behalf.