The Illinois Electronic Security Association exists to promote public safety and foster positive relationships with police, fire and elected officials at the local and state level.

IESA’s focus is to create an environment where alarm contractors can compete on a level playing field and protect their businesses from government overstepping at the state and local level.

Our thinking is that with those conditions in place, the free market can decide the rest.

  • IESA employs a year-round lobbyist and some member companies do as well.
  • IESA has legal counsel — Williams & Nickl — who provide many hours of free advice to members on a variety of legal topics, not just licensure issues.
  • IESA employs a full-time executive director who runs the point on many local issues, such as informing communities that they cannot regulate our industry with fees.

The Illinois Electronic Security Association’s public relations activities and legislative advocacy are coordinated to help to protect licensed alarm contractors and agencies from government interference, including meddling in our markets and regulating us beyond what is allowed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

In fact, to replace a bad local law, the IESA wrote a Model Ordinance that calls for two-call verification of alarms and reflects the language specific to that of our state license.

To continue to provide all of these services, we need your support.

Membership Information

Regular Membership

IESA’s Regular Members are licensed by the State of Illinois (225 ILCS 447/) to design, install, monitor and service systems to protect life and property, including burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and mass-notification systems.

Employees Total
1 $250
2-5 $500
6-10 $800
11-15 $1,050
Employees Total
16-25 $1,350
26-50 $1,600
51-75 $1,850
Employees Total
76-100 $2,100
101-150 $2,350
151+ $2,500

Employees are defined as owners, technicians, office, sales and administrative personnel, engaged in any way with the alarm operation of the company. Please be forthcoming on the true size of your company. Use your average PERC roster numbers to determine size.

Associate Membership

Associate Members provide products and services used by our Regular Members.

Associate Members major activity is: in the burglar & fire alarm business, is in the business of manufacturing, distributing, supplying, dealing in or selling products or services generally used and relating to and necessary to the members of the Association.

By joining the IESA, you support your customers by helping them raise their bottom line. The IESA hosts five general membership meetings each year and these are highlighted by stellar guest speakers. Outstanding training is available to installers and management through various providers.

Employees Total
1-2 $150
3-6 $250
7+ $350